FiveFour Marketing was chosen as one of 15 Companies to participate in the CVS Health Executive Learning Series for Diverse Suppliers.  As part of its commitment to support the development of diverse business leaders, CVS Health has partnered with the Professional Education Center at the Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies to create a new, customized professional development program – CVS Health: Executive Learning Series for Diverse Suppliers.


What is the purpose of the program?

A Fortune 10 company, CVS Health has a symbiotic relationship with the community and understands the vital role they play in its survival.  This program seeks to develop a strong partnership with diverse businesses working in our communities to create a lasting value legacy, which is important to all partners.  CVS Health envisions an environment of committed strategic minds, focused on achieving a vision of elevating supplier development to a new – higher level – by providing an innovative learning program to the entire diverse supplier community.

The purpose of the training series is to educate and develop personal and professional relationships within the diverse supplier and partnership environments.  Business owners and executives will be able to learn and educate themselves in the competencies that CVS Health values.  This training will give business executives the knowledge, skills and abilities to flourish within their industry.  We are requesting submissions from diverse suppliers who are looking for an opportunity to showcase their company and who wish to develop a relationship with a Fortune company.

Super excited about our new partnership/membership with the Greater Seattle Business Association!

Thanks Victoria Odell, Ilona Lohrey and Ari Rosen you have been fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting the rest of the team on the cruise April 13th.

Greater Seattle Business Association.